Vivienne westwood designer report essay

Vivienne Westwood Page 1 of 2 1. You will need to select a fashion designer who has made a significant contribution to the fashion world. There is a list of suggested designers 2. You need to provide biographical information such as dates, education nationality, where they did the majority of their work, what influenced and motivated them anh what is their legacy 3.

Vivienne westwood designer report essay

After this restructuring four labels remain: This label delivers the brand to a much younger and more casual audience and is consequently sold at a much lower, more accessible price point. Products are sold in over 80 countries, across five continents.

There are over points of sale worldwide. However, the brand is still relatively small by worldwide designer standards. There are Westwood owned shops worldwide. Her motivation has never been commercial success, despite the fact that many of her ideas have drifted into the mainstream and been very commercially successful.

However, this is incidental to Westwood, her actions are rooted in strong personal beliefs and her motivation is certainly not to increase the profile of her brand.

Vivienne westwood designer report essay

Signage, packaging and shop design are coherent with the brand identity and each is instantly recognisable as Westwood. The orb logo is used as an effective tool to distil the essence of brand. In addition, the use of a font with flourishes and tails conveys elegance.

The logo is printed in metallic gold on packaging, signifying luxury. The orb has become an iconic emblem that it is instantly recognisable as Vivienne Westwood, even without the accompanying name.

This has supported the sale of branded products which have become popular and highly lucrative lines.

Vivienne westwood designer report essay

Customers are both male and female and value a unique look with attitude and style. By buying Westwood as a brand, they are signifying their social and environmental awareness. They are fashion conscious but do not slavishly follow trends, preferring to be original and stand out and maybe even be offensive from time to time but they also appreciate great quality and construction.

Customers use fashion to make a statement about themselves and control how they are perceived by others.

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This connects the customer to the brand on an emotional level providing a much stronger bond than just coveting the products. The price points of the brand fall into the premium and luxury categories and are aimed at customers who are likely to be middle to high earners.

However, the brand extends beyond this, specifically with branded products that many, on much lower incomes than the core target group, save up to buy. Very recently the brand has also become part of the see-now, buy-now trend, with the decision to offer a capsule collection of 20 pieces from their unisex collection for immediate purchase after their Paris show in October There are other brands that operate in the same market but it is difficult to isolate a brand that competes directly as there is no other brand that has a comparable brand identity.

However, other brands that operate in the same market and offer a similar avant garde style are as follows: Alexander McQueen offers a similar price point to customers that have a distinctive and individual sense of style.

However, McQueen is more current than Westwood, tapping into current trends and relying less on historical and retrospective references.

He is also similarly irreverent and inclined to shock. However, in he announced that he was closing his ready to wear labels in order to focus on haute couture collections.

Therefore, although there are similarities between the two brands and the type of customer they are likely to attract, Gaultier only currently competes directly with Westwood within the highend luxury market. Christopher Kane is similarly known for expert tailoring and pushing the boundaries with innovative design.

He again operates at a similar price point with a comparable target group of individuals that like to stand out from the crowd. However, Westwood has a rich history and clear brand identity.Today in Lancashire, England, Dame Vivienne Westwood got footloose for an important cause. The designer and longtime activist participated in a protest against the fracking practices of Cuadrilla.

Essays on Fashion, Research Papers. by Brilliant in Essay Topics 0. Fashion essay paper is an educational paper which refers to the utilized art devoted to the design of clothes and life-style equipment created throughout the cultural and social influences of a particular time.

Sustainability, and the Ethical Appeal of Luxury Brands Annamma Joy, John F. Sherry, Jr, Alladi Fast Fashion, Sustainability, and the Ethical Appeal of Luxury Brands design and options for repair, design aesthetics that eventually lead to.

Vivienne Westwood, really is made of awesome with her funky and creative designs. She is respected throughout the industry and fashion world as a highly influential lausannecongress2018.comne Westwoods early profileVivienne Westwoods story is featured.

Report Abuse Punk was born to be incendiary, designed to provoke. And there would have been no punk look without the lady in the orange hair.

Westwood grew up in the village of Tintwistle and he worked as a teacher in North England in Sponsoring the show will be none other than Gucci, the luxury brand that designer Alessandro Michele has taken to outrageous heights with the help of such collaborators as Elton John and Dapper.

Vivienne Westwood is a legendary British fashion designer who made an immense contribution to the field of international fashion and style. In a career span of over 34 years, Westwood is one of the most influential and respected designers in the fashion Of Birth: Tintwistle.

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