Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

Army strategist and former history instructor at West Point The Hazards Of Military Worship Everyone loves the troops and their generals, but history indicates that military advice isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

Although there is no formal declaration of war from which to date U. The number of US. The total number of Americans who served in South Vietnam was 2.

Of these, more than 58, died or remain missing, andothers were wounded. Despite this enormous military effort, the United States failed to achieve its objective of preserving an independent, noncommunist state in South Vietnam. This failure has led to searching questions about why and how the war was fought and whether a better diplomatic and military outcome was possible for the United States.


Byguerrilla warfare was widespread in South Vietnam. Communist-led troops of the National Liberation Front NLF of South Vietnam, commonly referred to as Vietcong, were initiating hundreds of terrorist and small unit attacks per month. During the administration of President Dwight D.

Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

Eisenhower, a small U. The Kennedy administration determined that the size and mission of the U. Having just suffered international embarrassment in Cuba and Berlin, the president rejected compromise and chose to strengthen U.

In MayKennedy sent U. He also tripled the level of aid to South Vietnam. A steady stream of airplanes, helicopters, armored personnel carriers APCsand other equipment poured into the South. By the end ofthere were 9, U.

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Ap Bac represented a leadership failure for the ARVN and a major morale boost for the antigovernment forces. The absence of fighting spirit in the ARVN mirrored the continuing inability of the Saigon regime to win political support.

Indeed, many South Vietnamese perceived the strategic hamlets as government oppression, not protection, because people were forced to leave their ancestral homes for the new settlements.

In June, a monk dramatically burned himself to death at a busy Saigon intersection. On 1 Novemberthe generals seized power, and Diem and his unpopular brother Ngo Dinh Nhu were murdered. Three weeks later, President Kennedy was assassinated, and U. If the new government in Saigon failed to show progress against the insurgency, would the United States withdraw its support from a lost cause, or would it escalate the effort to preserve South Vietnam as an anticommunist outpost in Asia?

Johnson inherited the Vietnam dilemma. Without such recognition, the United States would continue to provide Saigon as much help as it needed to survive.The first phase of the Iraq Wars came to a dramatic”and ominously prophetic”denouement on that heady day in April when U.S.

Marines stormed into central Baghdad and pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein that the local citizenry couldn’t quite manage to topple.

The numbers of casualties of U.S. wars since Sept. 11, have largely gone uncounted, but coming to terms with the true scale of the crimes committed remains an urgent moral, political and. The Tragedy of the American Military. the United States would probably not have gone to war in Iraq.

Us military should conduct wars not the politicians

With their distance from the military, politicians don’t talk seriously about whether. A larger U.S. military would not change that; neither would a dramatically scaled-back military. But the large national-security apparatus the United States already has is a daily threat to Iran and North Korea.

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The upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is an overdue opportunity for the American president’s next bold peace initiative. It is time for the U.S. to stop its wasteful wars. US military personnel are supposed to stay out of politics. But why is that? It's not the case elsewhere in the world. A look at the roots of the civil-military relationship. Let us be clear, if a catastrophe happens, it is solely the responsibility of the American regime and its hate-filled oligarchy-serving politicians. Tragically, the vast majority of ordinary people in the US, Russia and around the world do not want war.

RafuSE A long with the Newburgh Conspiracy of and Harry Truman’s tangles with Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War, George B. McClellan’s. It was the Persian Gulf War in that seemed to validate many of Weinberger's central points: the United States had a clear and vital interest in the region's oil, military action was.

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