Two blue birds essay

For the last three or four years, he and his wife have found it impossible to live together for any length of time, so his wife has taken to spending long holidays in a warmer country, where she carries on discreet love affairs.

Two blue birds essay

A A A Icomment on Well, spring has sprung! While I understand that nature Two blue birds essay a whole is violent, this annual turf war even takes me by surprise. I think I am partly to blame as I have a bird feeder in the yard.

Two blue birds essay

However, I assumed when I put up the bird feeder a few years back that that all bird species would learn to co-exist peacefully with each other as they enjoyed the free buffet. I learned almost immediately after I put up the bird feeder the first year that blue jays and robins do not like each other.

Unfortunately, this demonstration came at the expense of my scared-to-death-of-anything-that-moves-or-makes-a-sound mutt, LuLu, who happened to get in between one of the bird altercations.

Before I go any further, let me explain LuLu. She was a rescue puppy. The rescue believed that her litter had been abused.

Bravery is not her thing. She is not a watch dog and makes no pretenses at being a watch dog. She takes off for cover if there is a remote possibility of thunder, fire works, loud voices, TV sports cheering of any kind, the rustling of plastic bags and cell phone text messages.

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She is a true wimp. It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day and LuLu was out rolling in the grass near the new bird feeder. At that time, my German Shepherd, Miss Muffie, was still among us and she was sitting under a shade tree on the opposite side of the yard.

My husband and I were cleaning out our gardens preparing the beds for planting. I started to hear loud chirps. I looked up at the bird feeder and I saw a robin enjoying the seed in the feeder. On the fence post next to the feeder, there were two blue jays trying to intimidate the robin.

They wanted that robin to move off the feeder. As if sensing danger for their fellow robin, two more robins flew in and sat next to their friend on the other side of the feeder. Then the squawking got louder and louder, and I knew we were in for trouble.

More blue jays flew in and then some sparrows came and perched on the fence. A male and female cardinal took a position on the cable wire that stretched through my yard. It was at that moment that the rumble medley from West Side Story started running through my head.

The Jets are gonna have their way tonight!

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Yes, the combatants were there; the spectators were there; and my poor LuLu was smack in the middle looking like a deer in the headlights. She did not know what to do or where to go; so, she just squatted and pooped. Then the birds started literally fighting.

They fought on the feeder, they fought on the ground, they dive bombed each other.When Mytyl and Tyltyl begin their search for the Blue Bird of Happiness, there is never any doubt that they will find the creature right in their own backyard.

It is the search, not the discovery, that is Maeterlinck’s point. The bird is a flying feathered creature, with two strong wings and two legs.

It can fly in the sky and travel long distances in the air.

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It builds nest on the trees, and eats insects, fish, grains, etc. Some of the birds have a crest on their forehead. Its tail helps it to keep balance in the air, and the two legs for hopping. The Spring always brings flowers, sunshine and the bird turf wars at my bird, spring has sprung!The grass is growing, the trees are budding and the two rival gangs of birds, the Robins and Blue Jays, are setting up camp i.

Read the essay free on Booksie. The name, The Two Blue Birds comes from a good friend of mine. You see, we both need healing in our physical bodies.

God used someone to speak to her, and said He would speak to her through nature. After that, every day she has been seeing two blue birds. Almost as if He is representing her and I. At least it was a blue-tit, blue with grey and some yellow. But to the wife it seemed blue, that juicy spring day, in the translucent afternoon.

The blue bird, fluttering round the pretty but rather common little feet of the little secretary. The Blue Jay is one of the most colorful birds to nest in our backyards - Placing peanuts on a platform feeder is a sure fire way of attracting this bird for close up easy viewing.

These birds are medium-sized ranging in length from 9 to 12 inches.

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