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Tree our best friend free essay writer

However, one day when I was at a party, I had met this girl who is called Anna. Anna goes to a different school than I do, the school that I go to School.

A true friend is one who stands by us during the good times as well as the difficult ones. We may, therefore, regard tress as our best friends because they have stood by us for centuries providing us with food and fuel, and meeting many of our other needs. Trees are our best friends. Trees are older than men. It is our duty to take care of our great friend for our own survival and survival of birds, insects and creatures. Trees are one of best thing nature has provide us. Trees serve mankind in a variety of ways. They provide us with medicinal herbs, lace, rubber, oil and many other useful things. Each part of the tree-roots, stems, leaves, flowers fruits – is used in our food. Wood is the most valuable product that trees give us. It is used as fuel and .

After a while, started to meet Anna a lot more lately, my mum told me that I should stay away from her because she is a bad influence to me, but obviously did not believe what she said and I did not listen to her. After hanging out and meeting up a bunch Of times, Anna had become my new best friend.

tree our best friend free essay writer

My mum never liked her and she never will. In the iddle of last year, I my grade levels started to go down and my attitude had entirely changed against everyone, but I did not notice what have been up to. It was my first time running away from school, if my parents knew that I even attempted it, I would be grounded for my entire life.

We agreed that we will not take up a long time at the mall so that I would not be late for my school dismissal which is at 2: After a couple of hours walking around in the mall and messing around, we decided to go up to the food court and have a small lunch.

We did not really buy anything at the mall we just hung out together. On that same day, there was a school trip going on, alternatively, this trip was at the same mall that I was in, but I forgot all about it. After a while, I heard someone was calling my name, someone that sounded familiar, so turned to see who was calling me and I was shocked hen I saw whom it was.

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No, how could I have forgotten about this trip? It was the only fun thing that this school has ever arranged for us.

It was my teacher! When I found out that my teacher was the one who was calling I immediately turned around, ran on the opposite direction and hoped she thought it was another random girl in the mall. When we got in, she drove heading to my chool as fast as she could, I knew that we were going to get into so much trouble, so was ready to take the punishment for my silly decision that made.

The moment arrived to school, it was 1: The school called my parents, they came as soon as they heard of what happened. I told them the whole story and stated who convinced me to run away, at that moment, stopped and I realized that Anna as truly what my mum thought of.

She was not a good friend at all because not only did she not care when she saw my teacher spotting me, but also, she left me alone. Choose Type of service.Whoever it is, the best friend is a very special person in the life of everyone.

It is someone who is always ready to come to help you, someone who understands you and doesn’t ask questions when you don’t want to. Similarly, trees gives us fruits when we throw stones on, tree is a good friend to us and it's our responsibility to do the same with our we doing it?

let us just have a look on the things which our friend tree provides us without asking anything in .

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Here are many useful free essays on various topics. Trees Our Best Friend living beings inhabiting this earth, trees are out best friends.

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The bamboo is an important variety of tree which grows in abundance. It is of great commercial. Open Document. Below is a free excerpt of "Essay - Trees Our Best Friend" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1).

A best friend is a very special and closest person in the life whom we can share the most important things in life and take support anytime. Long and Short Essay on My Best Friend in English.

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