Travel wise spans the globe

Its geographic diversity spans the most breathtaking terrain from Antarctica, through the wild, glacier-filled mountains of Patagonia and massive open plains of La Pampas to the deserts and tropical jungles in the north. The country can be enjoyed for its natural wonders alone, but no visit here could be called complete without a glimpse of its soul, the capital city. Elegant Buenos Aires is home to 40 percent of the population, and is a buzzing metropolis with a rich, passionate and tortured history that is integral to its character. It is Europe and South America contained in one geographical location, with elements of the unknown around each corner.

Travel wise spans the globe

Isabel Eva Bohrer Article added 7 years ago Clearly, the first and foremost purpose of a subway station is to be a place where passengers can transition effectively from one train to another.

However, as a location where masses of people flock to every day, subway stops can come to serve more than a mere practical purpose. Time-old subway stops in particular can come to represent the history of a place, allowing passengers to travel back in time as they walk the long corridors filled with antique chandeliers and other decadent embellishment.

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Recently renovated or entirely new subway stations, in turn, can reflect the newest technology and become a landmark of innovation. Who thought seeing art, architecture, culture, history and technology could all be done on the budget of using public transport?

The station is particularly spectacular on a sunny day, when light enters the stained glass windows by Automatiste painter Marcelle Ferron.

Back inthey were given by the Government of Quebec as the first work of non-figurative art commissioned for the metro. Formosa Boulevard Station — Kaohsiung, Taiwan Formosa Boulevard is one of the busiest stations in Kaohsiung city, and also one of the most beautiful.

We thank the artist Narcissus Quagliata for putting together the dome in a little less than four years, which included shipping pieces of colored glass directly from Germany.

As you walk around, you can view the story of human life, transitioning from the section that represents water, the womb of life, to earth, which embodies the act of growing and prospering. After that, there are sections on light and fire, the latter representing on the one hand destruction and on the latter rebirth.

The most important message that pervades the dome, however, is one of love and tolerance. You can find out more about it here. As such, it is the subway station with the highest traffic in Stockholm. To be exact, the station consists of two sections: The latter is shown above and is different from the other two in its appearance.

Back in the s, artists Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert proposed that art should be part of the new subway system. The Tub3 section of the station is where the Blue Line runs, thus the blue and white artwork, which dates back to the s. You can read more about the T-Centralen stop here.

A two-level underground station, the Central Park stop was designed by British architect Richard Rogers. Design-wise, purple is the pervading color throughout the station. The courtyard grass areas, in turn, are covered in a slope of yellow windmills shaped liked sunflowers.

Read more about Kaohsiung metro art here. The station was designed by Stevens Group Architects, who were responsible for the high-ceiling entrance pavilions with long, angled roofs that overhang the structure. These images act as beacons, drawing the viewers along various paths of movement.

Depicting everyday objects and simple geometric shapes, the images are rendered in an uncommonly large scale and in unusual orientations, allowing one to interact playfully with them as one moves through the space.

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You can also transfer to various bus lines and trams here. The construction of this station was first begun inand expanded in The station is worth viewing not only for its underground architecture, but also for one of its subway entrances.

Click here to see the unique entrance, which looks like a train bursting through the sidewalk from below.

Travel wise spans the globe

Small cable cars take visitors from one end of the tunnel to the other. Throughout the ride, the tourists are entertained visually with lighting in all colors you can imagine.Trips in the Village.

Jacksonville, FL. Trips in the Village is a full service travel agency, their advisers all share a passion for travel that they utilize in planning unique travel experiences for clients. Dec 24,  · Travel 36 Hours: Paris. With some 10 miles of galleries housing a collection that spans every corner of the globe and every era of human history, calls for wise .

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre For only £5 you can get a “groundling” ticket that will allow you to stand on the ground near the stage and watch a Shakespeare play in the historic Globe Theatre. The performers are passionate and have been known to venture out into the crowd during some of .

A cinematic journey that spans four continents, reveals a endless spectrum of emotions and experiences.

With the help of Old Man Winter, a story is woven through the turns of a season, shedding light on how it feels to be a constant passenger.

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BCD Travel was founded on Jan. 3, The BCD Travel global network spans more than 90 countries on six continents. They are proud on ensuring consistent service, balanced by the precision of local market knowledge, to meet client’s needs anywhere in the world.

Apr 09,  · Concluding Case – Travel Wise Spans The Globe Chapter 6: International Management Travel Wise is a small firm with 25 employees based outside Denver, Colorado.

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