Should recycling be mandatory

Should Recycling Be Mandatory?

Should recycling be mandatory

As consumers we use a massive amount of recyclable goods, and a large majority is not recycled at all.

Recycling means using old materials, such as plastic bottles or cardboard boxes, and turning them into new products, normally packaging. It can greatly reduce the amount of waste that we have to deal with as well as have a positive impact on our environment.

The Pros of Recycling Reduces Consumption of Energy — Large amounts of energy are being consumed in raw material processing during manufacturing.

Recycling can help lessen consumption of energy that is very important for massive production like refining and mining. Also, this makes the process of production beneficial to the manufacturers and more cost effective.

Protects the Environment — Undoubtedly the foremost advantage of recycling is that this protects the environment in an extremely balanced matter. As trees are continually cut down, the recycled paper created from some trees is being repeatedly reused for minimizing deforestation or felling.

With the recycled paper being a great example, numerous other natural resources are also reusable in this way. Lessens Pollution — Today, the industrial waste is the primary source of all kinds of pollution. The recycling of industrial products like chemical, cans, and plastics can help in cutting down the levels of pollution considerably because the materials will be reused instead of being irresponsibly thrown away.

Helps Conserve the Natural Resources — Once used and old materials will not be recycled, new products will be made from extracting the fresh raw materials from below the earth through extraction and mining.

Recycling can help in conservation of the essential raw materials while protecting the natural habitats for future use. Conservation of natural resources like materials, water and wood will ensure their optimum use.

Sometimes, it might be needed to create separate factories for processing reusable products.

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It can make more pollution such as in transportation, cleaning and storage. Unhygienic and Unsafe Recycling Sites — The sites for recycling are often unhygienic and unsafe. Areas where all kinds of waste are being dumped are susceptible to formation of debris and disease spread as well as other dangers as the result of harmful waste and chemicals.

It will not just cause widespread pollution for this is also harmful for those people dedicated in recycling those products. Once combined with water, this waste can lead to formation of leachate, leading to toxication of bodies of water, which include drinking water.

Products of Recycling Do Not Last — The recycled products are not of the best durable quality at all times. These items are commonly made of some trashed waste, taken from the heaps of several other waste items that are overly used or fragile.

This is reason why recycled products are very cheap, lasting for only a short period of time. What do think can recycling do to the environment?Why People Should Recycle I am not a big earth first person but I do believe in recycling because I work at a local recycling center and I think recycling is a good thing.

Aug 23,  · Yes, I think recycling should be mandatory and to some extent already is. However, if councils or government were too rigorous in chasing up issues on recycling people like us would not have so much fun and excitement finding something that can be recycled and used Resolved.

Should recycling be mandatory

Recycling Should Be Mandatory Because recycling in the United States is not mandatory, many problems have risen out of it. There are multiple ways in which the United States Government can enforce the act of recycling.

Should Recycling be Mandatory?

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Only if data safety and environmental standards are upheld, or the effects of mandatory recycling will be less than ideal. () All Green Electronics Recycling, LLC is not responsible for the methods of handling or recycling by these companies.

If you wish to have your material handled by All Green. School Recycling Made Easy. Recycling at school is easy with the support provided by the County of Santa Barbara.

If your school is located in the unincorporated area of the County, help is available with recycling bins, education materials, waste services, and more! I think that recycling should be mandatory because it helps minimize pollution, helps preserve our natural resources, and recycling saves expenses and resources.

It also makes our world a better.

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