Project proposal for shadow banking

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Project proposal for shadow banking

In an interview in Julyhe said: I never liked it [the name 'Gideon']. When I finally told my mother she said, 'Nor do I'. So I decided to be George after my grandfather, who was a war hero.

Life was easier as a George; it was a straightforward name. He was shortlisted for, but failed to gain a place on, The Times ' trainee scheme; he also applied to The Economistwhere he was interviewed and rejected by Gideon Rachman. Osborne worked on Prime Minister John Major 's campaign team inin the run-up to the Tories' heavy election defeat that year.

Between and he worked for William HagueMajor's successor as Conservative Party leader, as a speechwriter and political secretary. He succeeded Independent MP Martin Bellwho had defeated the controversial former Conservative minister Neil Hamilton in but had kept his promise not to stand there at the following election.

Osborne won with a majority of 8, over the Labour candidate, becoming at that time the youngest Conservative MP in the House of Commons. At the election he was re-elected with an increased majority of 11, securing Following the general election, Howard promoted him to Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer at the young age of Howard had initially offered the post to William Hague, who turned it down.

Press reports suggest that the second choice for the post was David Cameron, who also rejected the job, preferring to take on a major public service portfolio he was made Shadow Secretary of State for Education.

Thus, Howard seems to have turned to Osborne as his third choice for the role.

Project proposal for shadow banking

When David Cameron was asked in whether or not he would be willing to sack a close colleague such as Osborne, he stated, "With George, the answer is yes. He stayed in my shadow cabinet not because he is a friend, not because we are godfathers to each other's children but because he is the right person to do the job.

I know and he knows that if that was not the case he would not be there.

Project proposal for shadow banking

He set up a "Tax Reform Commission" in October to investigate ideas for how to create a "flatter, simpler" tax system. However, the idea of a flat tax was not included in the Conservative Party manifesto.After the project implementation ends, the project can continue by itself, without external support, and the project purpose is sustainable in the long term.

This presupposes that effective mechanisms are put in place by the recipient administration to disseminate and consolidate the results of the project. Project Proposal Template.


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