Project based assessment

Overview Project-based assessment is a form of performance assessment that evaluates the processes and products of student work in project-based learning environments.

Project based assessment

Take this short test again to determine how many of your questions were Project based assessment.

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Having gone through the module, you may have different questions to explore. Completing the module for Principle 2 should reinforce the following concepts: Driving Questions are Open-Ended.

We must allow students to adequately answer the question given, yet allowing them to take ownership over the project. Be sure as you design your Driving Question that you think carefully about time, resources and student skills.

Driving Questions are Provocative. Driving Questions get at the Heart of a subject area. The driving question can be focused at the heart of an issue, allowing students to investigate.

Driving Questions are Challenging. Students should be encouraged, through the use of the driving question, to confront different situations. Driving Questions need to Interest Students. Create driving questions from real-world situations, igniting an interest for students.

Driving Questions are consistent with Standards. While driving questions should be challenging, they should also lead students to master the agreed upon content, knowledge and skills that define a course of study.

Again, be aware that this is an iterative process and will likely undergo many revisions before a final project idea and great Driving Question are revealed. Use the appropriate page in the Project Planning Form to help organize your thoughts as you state the Driving Question for the project.

Brainstorm potential Driving Questions Choose 1 question for your PBL and include at least 10 sub questions that students might need to complete the project. Relist the chosen DQ along with the sub questions. Comment on 2 other participant's DQ answering one of the questions: How could the DQ be broaden if needed?

What do you like about the DQ?Acc Environment offers asbestos, mold, lead-based paint, indoor air quality, Environmental, soil and groundwater testing and inspection services in California. The Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) comprises a set of performance standards, curricula, and assessments for differentiating instruction and deepening academic learning.

Rubrics Project Based Teaching Rubric. Gold Standard PBL Project Based Teaching Practices. Rubrics Project Design Rubric. Align projects w Essential Project Design Elements. Develop students' creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork with Project-Based Learning Packs.

Each pack provides a depth of . Group photo from the LEGATO Final Conference; Credit: Pavel Stoev. Read more about the Final Conference here..

Find out about the Flying Beauty citizen science contest, here.

Project based assessment

LEGATO stands for ‘Land-use intensity and Ecological Engineering – Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities in irrigated rice based production systems’ and aims to advance long-term sustainable development of. Project-based Assessment. Overview. Project-based assessment is a form of performance assessment that evaluates the processes and products of student work in project-based learning environments.

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