Modernization and indigenous cultures essay

By Zinn The responses to the Indian removal campaign were as diverse as the tribes themselves. Some fought, some surrendered, and within some tribes, they did both. For one tribe, the Creek, there were those that chose to fight Andrew Jackson's troops and protect their land.

Modernization and indigenous cultures essay

Without a doubt, whether it is called modernization, globalization, or Industrialization the remaining result will be the same, cultural destruction. Modernization is the alteration of a precise culture from agricultural, farming based society to a developed one.

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When Indigenous people hear the word Modernization, these very original and very natural living people, want to run and hide. In order for the indigenous people to live the way of their ancestor, they would need to be left alone.

The reason is that they do not want to be involved in the very hectic life style of the modern world of today. According to the Central Intelligence AgencyCurrent studies of genetics imply that Forest Peoples are one of the oldest human beings that have inhabited the earth.

Their people go back nearly 59, years, compared to 13, years for most of the people of this planet. In order for the indigenous people to live, the way of their ancestors did, in a nice peaceful existence in the forests of Japan, China, Africa, pacific islands, and many other countries.

They do not want to be involved in a very hectic life style. Indigenous people do not want to pay taxes on land that has been theirs for enturies Just because society wants the land and expected the indigenous people to become modern.

Modernization is taking and making an explicit culture that farm undeveloped land that they have lived on for Hundreds of years and using the land for manufacturing.

NaofusaModernizers may actually be doing more damage, more quickly, thanks to technology and the need for developing nations to generate income to pay for the structure of modern statehood.

Modernization and indigenous cultures essay

Modernization, as far as technology and science are concerned, emerged after the Industrial Revolution, which started by the creation of spinning machinery in England during the late eighteen centuries.

Traditional cultures and modernization, para 6. The Ainu of Japan standards, laws, politics, economic, society, history, literature and art, such as have been preserved, learned and transmitted in a given community or group over a long period of time.

Japan is geographically located on the border of culturally developed countries such as China. Moreover, has become adapted to accepting foreign eveloped cultures. Japanese people have maintained a great interest and curiosity in imported things, including religion and science.

This is why Japanese people never felt any strong resistance against the introduction of Western culture, both spiritual and material.

Although these things gave Japanese people some convenience and a smell of new culture, the functions they performed were almost the same as those, which indigenous substitutes had fulfilled in earlier times.

It definitely means remolding a cultural system into a new form. There may be between 30, and 50, Ainu in Japan.

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Only a very small number remain fluent in their traditional language. Traditional Ainu culture, which has now largely disappeared in most respects, were unique: Both were fond of earrings. They were traditionally animists, believing that all things were endowed with a spirit or god kamuy.

The Ainu had lived close together with nature as hunter, gatherer, and fisherman natives. The Ainu believe that gods or their incarnations found in every phenomenon and object, including natural phenomena from the sun, moon, thunder, wind, water, and fire, to animals, plants, and implements that are related to human life.

On every occasion, prayers are offered and various ceremonies observed.Modernization and Indigenous Cultures China and Japan’s Responses to Western Influence We have essays on the following topics that may be of interest to you.

Even though modernization comes with advances, it has taken an easier path to live because modernization has stripped traditions and indigenous cultures that are not considered indigenous.

When is that last time a family got together to make their own house out of mud, forage for food, or had their kin go through the rite of passage. The modernization theory of development states that in order for an LDC to achieve social and economic development they must first adopt the ideas and cultures similar to the ones in the modern or western world.

TRADITIONAL CULTURES AND MODERNIZATION: Westernization would mean that a certain indigenous cultural element of the traditional East is replaced by the penetrating Western element, and the functional role of the former is taken over by the latter.

Modernization, on the other hand, basically means to remold a cultural system into a . Indigenous Introduction Contemporary indigenous lifeways and ecological cultures are not “pure” thought systems; rather, they are distinct hybrids creatively influenced by the regional, national, and global regimes they have encountered and resisted.

and aesthetic values that provide openings both to modernization and indigenous. Modernization and Indigenous PAGE * MERGEFORMAT 7 Modernization and Indigenous Cultures William Ward Axia College of University of Phoenix SOC Intro to Sociology Yvonne Moore March 23, Introduction Modernization is the process of moving from farming and agricultural society to an industrial society and it mainly deals with societies after the Industrial Revolution of the midth century.

Modernization and Indigenous Cultures - Sample Essays