Managing diversity women at work essay

Quote Diversity and inclusion have been steadily gaining traction in corporate India in recent years. Much of this is centered on gender diversity, and companies are beginning to realize the business imperative of hiring women and creating an equitable work environment.

Managing diversity women at work essay

In these companies, diversity is not just an add-on but also a major part of the corporate culture. In other words, to truly achieve diversity in the workplace, a company must practice what it preaches. Examples of ongoing reinforcement are hiring a diverse employee pool, recognition for diversity efforts, allowing minority groups to form support groups and celebrating cultures via special programs.

Companies that implement diversity training programs to advocate workplace diversity tend to have higher employee retention rates, improved morale, reduced lawsuits and improved recruiting. Step 1 Initiate a diversity training program development project by identifying the project sponsors and stakeholders.

Interview these people, conduct focus groups or conduct online surveys to gather input about the current environment in your organization and what behaviours need to change.

Common topics include managing change, effective communication, cultural awareness, dealing with gender issues and conflict resolution. Step 2 Define objectives for your program.

For example, you may want to minimize miscommunication and misinterpretation on the job. You may also want employees to recognize and value differences in age, experience, social customs, sense of time and demeanour.

Achieving these types of objectives enables you to manage a culturally diverse and multi-generational workforce and resolve minor incidents before they become bigger problems. Step 3 Design your workshop. Prepare presentation materials to instruct participants about definitions and concepts associated with diversity.

Intersperse long periods of instruction with interactive activities such as ice breakers, role-playing exercises and case studies. Ensure your content flows smoothly and covers all the relevant topics. Step 4 Deliver your workshop at team meetings, company events or separate training sessions.

Step 5 Create a quiz to test employees on their knowledge of diversity topics. Talk with managers several months after your event to see if people have changed their behaviour and become more tolerant of people whose values may differ from their own.

Managing diversity women at work essay

One of main causes of concern in upper management is lawsuits filed by employees for discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal. Diversity training helps all employees in a company to know what the laws are and what the company policies are.

With training, people learn what acceptable behaviour is when dealing with a subordinate, peer or someone you feel is different from you in a way such as race, religion, nationality or physical abilities.

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In many cases, a situation is interpreted differently by the people involved, leading to misunderstandings and charges of wrongdoing. Once the employees have clear guidelines on how they should behave towards one another in the workplace, there are few misunderstandings and, subsequently, fewer lawsuits.

Diversity training reinforces the policies that are already in place to protect employees and the company. When diversity training is successful, individuals are happier with their jobs.

Successful organizations recognize the need for immediate action and are ready and willingly to spend the resources on managing the diversity in the workplace. you have the actual problem of men and women working inside the U.S. without proper documentation. We will write a custom essay sample on Embracing Diversity specifically for you. This is how I would apply the Diversity Policy to specific work and job roles and promote and explain strategies so that the policy is understood and implemented into the business. Managing Diversity And Equality Within The Workplace Words | 11 Pages. Introduction Managing diversity and equality effectively in the workplace is the core responsibility of any organization in the contemporary business world.

The training helps them to understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from their peers and supervisors.

During diversity training, people get to ask question and discuss their concerns. Along with this knowledge and the feeling of being heard, people have a better understanding of the workplace environment and their role in it. This job satisfaction leads to a higher retention rate.

Content employees are less likely to quit and look for new jobs. Employees happy in their jobs are more motivated and are more productive. These improved attitudes help the company as a whole to run more efficiently.

Diversity training points out how alike people are, even if on the surface, they seem different. This knowledge leads to hiring managers and human resources personnel being more open to hiring people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Having a more diverse workplace makes the work place a more interesting environment. The training also unifies people with diverse backgrounds around a common goal.

With proper training, a diversified workplace has everyone working together as a team to help the company succeed and grow.Essay on Managing Diversity in the Workplace - Diversity in the workplace is a subject that has gained increased attention over recent years.

After all, the impact of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs on the nation's work force is undeniable. Essay on Managing Diversity in the Workplace - Managing diverse employees in a multicultural environment proves challenging to managers; yet, increasing diversity in the workplace is very beneficial for an organization.

Managing Diversity. and the ‘social role theory of sex difference,’ suggest on the one hand that that by the act of ‘cherishing’ women, males place them at a disadvantage when it comes to the real world of work and career development and, on the other, that women are assigned roles in terms of work and thus are the majority in.

Stereotyping: Gender Diversity Essay Sample. Organization’s need participation of diversity in the workplace, which is very necessary, still because there is still gender stereotypes and gender discrimination in the workplace.

This is how I would apply the Diversity Policy to specific work and job roles and promote and explain strategies so that the policy is understood and implemented into the business.

Managing diversity women at work essay

Essay: Diversity in the Workplace. ABSTRACT. Women, who currently make up less than half the work force, are expected to fill 65 percent of the jobs created during this decade.

“Whether you are a business owner, executive, salesperson or customer- service professional, your success will increasingly depend on your ability to function in a.

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