Essays on communities of practice

Apply the topic to your profession and area of work I am an active duty member of the US Army; my area of work is Human Resource Management. Think of this as a requirement to develop a paper that you could present to your immediate superior s for their review and reading — maybe something that would provide them additional information; let them know what and how you are doing in this class; provide some insights to operations in your area of expertise, etc.

Essays on communities of practice

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Communities of practice at Shell Communities of practice at Shell Shell is a group of petrochemical and energy companies originated from Dutch and British.

It has aroundemployees all around, in more than countries and territories as per information provided by Shell website. Sharing the learning process at shell and the team organisation: As cited in online article by Sandra Haimila says few interesting things about communities of practice at Shell.

Working towards the objectives of global cooperation, Shell International Exploration and Production has formed different communities of practice through cooperation of software from SiteScape.

Communities of practice are groups of people who like to share information, analysis and advice on a common interest or practice.

With the new system, Shell says it is solving issues and harvest value through people sharing and application of talents, and learning resources internationally.

The great trick is to go beyond connecting people in the same disciplines.

Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management

Shell has created 13 communities of practice covering more than 10, users, three major communities in the subsurface, wells and surface disciplines, and 10 more small to support cross disciplines such as finance, procurement, human resources and health, safety and environment.

Within a very short, Shell created multiple active communities that engineering of its continued success. Exploration and Production is one of the best of five core businesses of Shell.The Importance of Communities of Practice Linked to Knowledge Management Activities - After developing and testing a research model (See Figure ), concerning the effects of KM activities supported by organisational and technological initiatives have on .

This paper will look into Communities of Practice, their benefits and a number of management challenges that they pose in a knowledge-based organisation. A Free Essays. Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management January 4, VOSEY PAGES Research and write a 3-page Article Review on “Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management” and use the data or information you gather to develop an understanding of the topic(s).

The first part of the essay talks about the role of Communities of Practice (CoP) in knowledge creation and knowledge transfer in the organisation. The second part of the essay talks about the role of manager in developing the CoP In particular the analysis is done based on one organisation.

Essays on communities of practice

Related Documents: Communities of Practice (Cop) Essay community paper opportunity in the community The refugee population in Grand Forks is particularly struggling with adjustment and acculturation, including the English language acquisition.

The benefits that a business gets from the use of Communities of Practice should serve to encourage these organization to implement.

A Review of Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management.

Essays on communities of practice

Knowledge management in organizations has become a vital aspect that helps them realize success.

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