Essay on wealth and power

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Essay on wealth and power

Wealth Grow Your Experiences 1. Wealth can mean many things to different people. For instance, when you check it out from Merriam-Webster Dictionary, wealth means an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources. He says that he was introduced to this definition from the brilliant inventor, Buckminster Fuller.

For most people, they think that being wealthy equals to having a lot of money, luxury items, shiny objects, real estates, stocks, sports cars, yachts, and more.

Essay on wealth and power

And the word wealth is often associated with success. When someone is successful, he or she is wealthy in the eye of the public. However, when you think about it, does having a lot of luxury items make you wealthy? For example, if you own a million-dollar house, does that make you a millionaire?

It depends on if you own the house free and clear or if you still owe the banks a huge portion of it. Kiyosaki takes debt into calculation. Kiyosaki says that truly wealthy people are those who are financially free. They have assets that provide cash flow every month to cover their expenses.

In financial terms, you need to ask yourself how many days you can survive if you stopped working today. How long can you survive with the amount of money you have right now? The Secret to Wealth is Gratitude Another important factor you need to consider when it comes to wealth is your feeling.

On the other hand, if you have next to nothing, but you feel grateful for everything that you have, you will become the wealthiest person that you are going to know.

Therefore, it does not matter how much money you have. If you do not have the gratitude, even a million dollar can seem like a penny to you. So learn to be grateful. This may be true to the public because we have been conditioned by the media and marketing to believe so.

When someone drives a luxury car, we see them as wealthy. When someone lives in an upscale neighborhood, we expect them to be earning more money and are wealthy. Before we define someone as wealthy, we should look at their ability to live a life with financial freedom.

Another better word is net worth. Most media ranks rich people according to their net worth, and not how much money they have in the bank.

So it is not the amount of money you save that determines your wealth, it is the percentage of the nest egg that you spend. There are a lot of professional athletes who make millions, but after they retired, they went bankrupt within a short couple of years because they spent all of their nest egg.

The one who makes the most money may not be the wealthiest. He can earn a million dollars a year, but if he has a high profile lifestyle to maintain and he spends it all, he is as good as someone who earns just a thousand dollars and has nothing left to show for by the end of the month.

Money is a Byproduct This is where frugality comes into play. They live a frugal lifestyle. Rather than spending all the billions that they have made, they use the money for a bigger and better cause. Highly successful people believe that money is a vehicle that makes dreams possible.

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And to them, money is just the byproduct of their hard work. It is the means to an end. And they do not focus on making the most money; rather, they focus on building their businesses and chasing their passion. The moment when Mark Zuckerberg made his first billion, he could have chosen to stop and enjoy his life, which he did not.

Instead, he chose to move forward and try to build something even better. The same goes for Elon Musk. When he sold PayPal to eBay, he could live a great life, but instead, he chose to follow his dreams to build Tesla and SpaceX.

Sure, you will see rich people pamper themselves with luxury cars and other expensive items, but please remember that those are the rewards of their hard work. Unfortunately, most people only see the material possessions and they spend a large portion of their money on buying expensive cars that they cannot really afford.

Essay on wealth and power

When you see someone shares that he just bought a new car on Facebook, you want one. And when you see someone went for holidays in Paris, you want to do that too.Wealth and Power Essay Wealth and Power in the United States Hugo Lindgren Chief Editor New York Time Magazine [email protected] This letter is to inform the public of how social class division is related to the concentration of wealth in the United States and support the .

Custom Wealth and Power Distribution Essay The wealth distribution in the United States is unequal with only a few of the top wealthy citizens experiencing mild effects of recession.

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The practice of progressive taxation has not succeeded in bridging the income inequality gap among Americans prior to taxation. At the end of the day wealth and power can positively or negatively have an impact on one’s ability to fully enjoy human rights and live with human dignity.

It is the way you choose to live your live and make the most of what you were given and what resources are available to you.

Essay on the Relationship between Wealth and Power Another popular topic about wealth is its relationship with power. People often argue and to say that money brings power. Essay The Power of Money - In the short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence the first conflict that is introduced to the reader is the external conflict of man vs.

man, where the Paul, the protagonist, is fighting a losing battle with his mother, the antagonist, for her love and affection. In Question II, Thomas Aquinas breaks down the complex question of where or in what man’s happiness consists, mainly by emphasizing wealth and power.

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