Essay about domestic animals and their uses

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Essay about domestic animals and their uses

Technology How animals help humans? Their Importance in Life Animals are a gift of nature to us. They are the ones which are closely associated with us in daily life.

Animals contribute a lot to humans lives, maybe even more than the plants. It will be tough to imagine life without animals. They serve humans for food, clothing, medicine and even for economic needs. Below is a complete detail about how animals help humans.

But before you read, it is important to know what are animals and their types. Importance of animals in human life: Due to modern technology, the number of ways on how animals help humans has increased. Their uses in 12 points. Milk is the daily essential product which is obtained only from animals.

The animals that are used to extract milk are the cows, buffaloes, goat, camel and donkey. Milk obtained is used as a pat of daily diet, to make tea, coffee, ice creams, chocolates, sweets and also other products like baby foods.

Milk is one of protein rich diets. The natural milk is good feed for babies and also adults with illness or old age people. Hence you will notice physicians recommending milk for those with sickness.

Animal hair has a great demand. Similarly Horse hair can be used for bristles in small paint brushes. Even fur of animals including the skin is used to make warm and attractive clothing.

Essay about domestic animals and their uses

Animals are used to extract useful medicinal molecules. Though in the recent times this method is mostly replaced by biotechnology, Still there are some drugs which are especially obtained from animals.

Heparin an anti-coagulant is used to control clots in blood is obtained from ox lungs and pig intestines. Even insulin was previously isolated for diabetics from buffalo and pigs pancreatic cells.

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Similarly, we obtain vitamin-D from shark liver oil. Even we consume eggs from birds like hen, turkey etc. These are highly nutritious and beneficial to man.

Essay about domestic animals and their uses

Animals are a great source of leather. This leather is used for making foot wear, belts, wallets bags, furniture etc. The animals used for extracting their hide for leather include buffaloes, cows, ox etc. This leather is tanned and made suitable for making the above articles after obtaining it from animal hide.

Articles made of leather are stylish, attractive and also durable. Animal researchers are also involved in the discovery of further improvements in the yield of milk, meat and essentials. For work and transport: Animals were widely used for transport. Especially animals like horses, ox, he buffalo, donkeys, etc.

In deserts, camel is specifically used. Now their use is limited to some parts of the world. Washer men use the donkey to carry the clothes to the place of water for washing. Elephants are used to shift tree trunks and branches in the forests.

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Similarly, animals like monkeys are trained to ward off birds near airports. Dogs are used to trace objects and people by exploiting their sense of smell.We don’t see echidnas often here, but we see evidence of their diggings for ants and termites almost daily.

And we see their scats. In fact, coming across scats is how we identify so much. The Cruelty to Animals Act (15 August ) was the world’s first legislation to regulate the use and treatment of live animals in scientific research.

This essay overviews the passage and provisions of the legislation, approaching the Cruelty to Animal Act as a site through which to examine the place of animals in clashes between an experimental medical science insisting on its professional.

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