Emotionism religion essay

I bet you thought I had forgotten about it. As you can see, you have inspired me to considerable thought on the matter. Yair, what is a moral act?

Emotionism religion essay

A Moral and Political Theory. Marcus Arvan - - Palgrave MacMillan. It then argues that a new moral theory—Rightness as Fairness—satisfies those principles more successfully than existing theories. Chapter 1 explicates the seven principles of theory-selection, arguing that moral philosophy must conform to them to be truth-apt.

Chapter 2 argues those principles jointly support founding moral philosophy in known facts of empirical moral psychology: Chapter 6 then shows that the Moral Original Position generates Four Principles of Fairness, which can then be combined into a single principle of moral rightness: This new conception of rightness is shown to reconcile four dominant moral frameworks deontology, consequentialism, virtue ethics, and contractualismas well as entail a new method of moral decisionmaking for applied ethics: This method is then argued to generate novel, nuanced analyses of a variety of applied moral issues, including trolley cases, torture, and the ethical treatment of nonhuman animals.

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Chapter 7 then shows that Rightness as Fairness reconciles three leading political frameworks—libertarianism, egalitarianism, and communitarianism—showing how all three embody legitimate moral ideals that can, and should, be fairly negotiated against each other to settle the scope, and nature, of domestic, international, and global justice on an ongoing, iterated basis.

Finally, Chapter 8 argues that Rightness as Fairness satisfies all seven of the principles of theory-selected defended in Chapter 1 more successfully than rival theories.Re: A Very Short Introduction to Morality #3 by Comte de St.-Germain» Mar 02, pm Yair wrote: So, as part of a long ongoing project I've written the following short essay explaining (my take on) the foundation of ethics.

I call my invented religion Emotionism. My religion will be based mainly on the belief that emotions are a manifestation of one’s faith. It will have the historical drama that is found in Roman Catholicism in that it will deliver faith by rooting this in accounts of people in the past who have been in contact with the founder of the faith.

Buddhism is conventionally regarded as a religion, and indeed over the centuries it adopted religious trappings in many places.

Emotionism religion essay

His essay “ Utilitarianism As discussed in the brief survey above, the history of Western ethics from the time of the Sophists to the end of the 19th century shows three constant themes. First, there is the. Guy Axtell, Radford University, Philosophy and Religious Studies Department, Faculty Member.

Jesse Prinz’s "emotionism" are the critiques that they each share of the pretensions of hard universalist ethical theories. Research Interests: Emotion, Moral Psychology, In this essay, we challenge these traditional dogmas and in doing so.

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In this essay, I present three arguments for the claim that theists should reject divine command theory in favor of divine attitude theory. Arguments Against Theism, Misc in Philosophy of Religion.

Meta-Ethics, General Works in Meta-Ethics. Metaphysics, Meta-Ethics, General Works in Meta-Ethics. Moral Naturalism in Meta-Ethics. Value.

Emotionism religion essay

“What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” () This question of the relation between reason—here represented by Athens—and faith—represented by Jerusalem—was posed by the church father Tertullian (c– CE), and it remains a central preoccupation among contemporary philosophers of religion.

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