Aztec women

New info Aztec jewelry For centuries Aztec jewelry has fascinated everyone who has had the chance to see it. From the necks, ears and wrists of the nobles, the jewelry has made its way into museums and today replicas are sold all over the world.

Aztec women

History[ edit ] The status of Aztec women changed throughout the history of the civilization. As emphasis on warfare increased, notions of egalitarianism became less important.

Aztecs married at a later age, during their late teens and early twenties, whereas in Mayan culture it was not unusual for marriages to be arranged by parents for a son and daughter who were still children. Aztec marriages were initiated by the parents of the potential groom.

The parents of the young woman would advise the matchmaker whether or not they accepted the proposal. Brides were expected to be virgins before marriage, although young people of both sex were advised to be celibate.

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The bride would wear fine robes. Her kinswomen would decorate her arms and legs with red feathers, and paint her face with a paste containing small shimmering crystals. A fire would be lit in the hearth, and incense would be burned as an offering to the gods.

Four days of feasting followed the ceremony.

Aztec women

For the purpose of political, military or economic alliances marriages among Aztec nobles were arranged. However, polygamy was only a practice among the nobles of Aztec civilization; the majority of the population were [4] monogamous. Pregnancy and childbirth[ edit ] Pregnant women in Aztec society had to observe a number of taboos.

One was that she could not view an eclipse, or her fetus may transform into a monster. Eclipses were also associated with miscarriages.

Frightening sights, lifting heavy objects, and excessively hot sweat baths were also associated with damaging the fetus.

Aztec women

They used a handheld drop spindle, then wove cloth using a loom that they strapped to their backs and held in their laps. They were responsible for tending turkeys and dogs that were raised for meat. Extra cloth, vegetables or other items were taken by women to the nearest market to be sold or bartered for a needed item.

Dried maize was soaked in lime water, a process known as nixtamalizationand the nixtamalized grains ground. As part of Aztec etiquette, men ate before women. There were regional textile specialties, with associated graphic designs.

Most designs were geometric, with some regions specializing in textiles with animal and plant images. Cotton was generally used, and dyes came from blue clays, yellow ochres, and red came from insects living in nopal cacti. Purple was derived from the sea snail Purpura patulasimilar to how the Phoenicians also derived purple dye used for royal robes from snails.

This meant that women were denied access to one of the largest sources of wealth and prestige within Aztec society. Women and Aztec religion and mythology[ edit ] Fertility was considered to be part of the realm of the Aztec earth goddesses, particularly the mother goddess Tonantzin.Official Site.

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The status of Aztec women lasted until the 15th century, when Spanish conquest forced European norms onto the culture.

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