Assessing key strategic levels of electrolux commerce essay

A question summarizing VRIO resource. The tool was originally developed by Barney, J. According to him, the resources must be valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable and non-substitutable.

Assessing key strategic levels of electrolux commerce essay

Heidenrich Commonly misunderstood, we neglect it at our peril. The architects of the National Security Act of would be greatly surprised by today's neglect of strategic intelligence in the Intelligence Community.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the National Security Act of As a "living" document, the act has outlasted the Cold War, for which it was devised, and much more. By the s the act's architects had passed away.

Their thoroughness was such, however, that amendments have not radically altered what they essentially put in place. One relatively recent change, the Goldwater-Nichols Act ofin addition to its impact on the interrelationships of the service arms, notably also mandated the creation of an annual National Security Strategy, a document produced by the president and reported annually to the Congress.

The original architects, with World War II in recent memory, knew very well the importance of giving commanders enough authority, and they likewise knew the importance of strategy. By George Kennan had wired his now famous Long Telegram. Today, decades later, a national strategy is not only advisable for the republic but legally required.

One can almost hear the original architects asking themselves, Why didn't we think of that? But as much as the security act's architects would have approved of a published national strategy, they would, I believe, be greatly surprised, perhaps even incensed, by today's neglect of strategic intelligence in the Intelligence Community.

Strategic intelligence collection and analysis is a capability they took pains to preserve; we are perilously close to losing it. The reasons are complicated, but they deserve our examination and discussion in this anniversary year. Readers can easily get a sense of the problem by conducting a small, admittedly unscientific, survey.

Hand someone a report on a foreign-related topic and describe it as "strategic intelligence. In my own surveys, a typical reply, after an awkward pause, has been that strategic intelligence is information about countries, or about strategic nuclear forces, or perhaps a long-range forecast.

Another common reply, commendable in its honesty, has been "I don't know. These might include something like "intelligence information for the tactical battlefield. Intelligence that is required for the formulation of strategy, policy, and military plans and operations at national and theater levels.

A strategy is not really a plan but the logic driving a plan. When foreign areas are involved, in-depth expertise is required, which is what strategic intelligence provides. Without the insights of deep expertise--insights based on detailed knowledge of obstacles and opportunities and enemies and friends in a foreign area--a strategy is not much more than an abstract theory, potentially even a flight of fancy.

The better the strategic intelligence, the better the strategy, which is why the definition of strategic intelligence should not be so mysterious. Nevertheless, in official circles and beyond, too many people attribute meanings to "strategic" and "strategic intelligence" that no dictionary supports.

Ignorance of the meaning of these words has bred ignorance of the strategic product, with, in my view, enormous consequences. During the past decade and a half, since the Cold War, the production and use of strategic intelligence by the United States government has plunged to egregiously low levels.

This decline is badly out of sync with the broader needs of the republic, fails to meet the nation's foreign policy requirements, ill-serves the country's many national security officials, and retards the developing prowess of its intelligence analysts.

This neglect is not only perilous, it is tragic. American ingenuity has made great contributions to the ancient craft of intelligence, contributions worthy of national pride. The most famous is the American spy satellite, a Cold War invention. Yet, within the government that created it and that was once its master artisan, this analytical invention is now largely neglected.


As my informal surveys suggest, very few employees of the Intelligence Community would say they are working to advance the implementation of the official National Security Strategy--or indeed, any strategy.

Instead, much of today's intelligence is tactical, tangential, or tied to national strategy only by formal references to high-level strategic planning or guidance documents in forewords, prefaces, or other such administrative front-matter.

Who's Thinking About Tomorrow? From my perspective, it's not clear anyone is, or will be--at least not as long as the analyst's primary product is current intelligence, which in essence is only the daily news compiled with secret information.

This type of intelligence must be desirable since so many consumers do consume it, but, like journalism without investigative reporting, it is not strategic intelligence and cannot replace it.

As a percentage of the community's workload, however, it nearly has.Jun 26,  · Instead, much of today's intelligence is tactical, tangential, or tied to national strategy only by formal references to high-level strategic planning or guidance documents in forewords, prefaces, or other such administrative front-matter.

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I'm a Bachelor degree holder in commerce. I have worked on more than. HONORS SENIOR CAPSTONE Ethan S. Thomison ABSTRACT The following is a strategic marketing and financial analysis concerning the highly dynamic operations of Toys R Us.

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Strategic capabilities of Electrolux Strategic capabilities are the methods that a business implements allowing it to have an advantage in the market.

Assessing key strategic levels of electrolux commerce essay

They are the business strengths that a firm enjoys over its competitors in the market.

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