A discussion on fear

All of our calculations say that, in the infinite vastness of time and space, intelligent aliens should be very common. This is very strange. Those star systems will colonize other star systems and so on until we start expanding at nearly the speed of light, colonizing literally everything in sight. But there should be alien civilizations that are a billion years old.

A discussion on fear

When you experience fear, know that God is by your side!

After Earth –A Discussion on Fear

Spin the wheel to choose the type of jelly bean and then they eat the bean at the same time. Ask for the next 2 volunteers and continue until all of the beans have been tasted. Spin the wheel provided in the game to choose the color of jelly bean to be tasted, hand the youth the beans, and on the count of 3, they eat the bean.

The Box of Fear Inside of this box, I have items which should strike terror in your heart. Everyone will sit in a large circle and when the music stops, if you are holding the box, you have to reach in and grab an item.

You will have to hold onto that item for the rest of the night unless you are able to scare someone and make them jump…then they have to keep the item. Play music the scarier the better and start passing the Box of Fear.

Remind the youth that they have to hold onto the object and they can only get rid of it if they scare another youth and make them jump. What helped you to not be afraid as a little child?

Hold up a large bag. What would be in this bag if I were to be holding something that you would truly be afraid of?

Get responses from students on what would they fear and why. Fear is something that all of us struggle with at some point. People even pay money to go to movies and haunted houses that are full of fear.

Maybe you can remember lying in bed as a small child and being so afraid that the shadows on the walls were monsters, or being afraid of the dark. Leader, share a story of a time that you were very afraid. Fear is a very real and powerful emotion.

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And it can cause us to do some pretty crazy things, too. So let me ask you: What are you afraid of today? Maybe it is your future. Maybe it is what others think about you. Many people fear death or someone you love dying. Maybe it is that someone will find out something that you are ashamed of.

A discussion on fear

The list could go on and on. Everyone is going to get a notecard.

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I want you to write down what your greatest fear is on that card and pass it to me.Fear is related to the speed of the incoming stimulus If a stimulus comes in even faster, it creates surprise. If a stimulus comes in slower, it creates an interest response in the baby (and adult).

You Are Enough: A Discussion On Fear & Vulnerability In Relationship March 23, June 10, | Mandy Black At the very core of human emotion is the need for love and belonging – A need not only to be seen but to be truly known by another human being. Fear is an emotion that typically occurs when you perceive a threat to your personal well-being.

Sometimes, it can prompt action against the threat. Sometimes, it can prompt action against the threat.

A discussion on fear

Questions for Discussion: Did you find Cypher's advice about overcoming fear helpful, or overwhelmingly impossible? Do you think you could ever simply choose not . Joe R.

After Earth –A Discussion on Fear | Shepherd Project Ministries

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